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Make Impact helps the non-investors to get started on the investment journey, by aligning their values to those of companies whose aim is to make a difference and contributes to the world's biggest challenges.

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The annual UN Sustainable Development Goals financing gap of $2.5 Trillion has to be meet. One essential factor to solve this problem is to engage the private sector. This sector needs to move the capital that already exists, through their financial actions. The people in the private sector wants and needs help to make impactful financial actions that contributes to solving this problem.

Make Impact's vision consists of three parts: Track, invest and educate. This is based on a Stanford framework in changing peoples behavior that includes Motivation, Ability & Trigger s factors to enabling behavioral change. The app aligns people's values with those of companies and educate people, making them better suited to make impactful financial actions.



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The Problem

It is hard to identify the sustainability issues that are likely to affect the financial condition or operating performance of companies within an industry. As a sustainable investor, it is important to know about these issues in order to identify the best investments.

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The Solution

MakeImpact app offers the ability to educate the user on their decisions. This will likely result in investments that are responsible for everyone and valuable to the user.